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Research Question
1. What is the teacher's understanding and perceptions toward STEM in Vietnam?
2. What are the possible influential factors effect Vietnamese teacher to operate the STEM instructional module in their classroom?
3. How to revised STEM modules developed by Taiwanese team to fit the needs of Vietnam classroom?

The research plan of STEM training workshop and classroom observation in Vietnam

Schedule Research Method
Pre-TEST of teacher’s understanding and perceptions toward STEM Open-end question
In-service teachers’ BEATS training workshop Workshop Observations
Post-TEST of teacher’s understanding and perceptions toward STEM Open-end question
VN Teachers operate our BEATS instructional module with secondary students Classroom Observations


CCR Workshop at Kasetsart University


Outline of the workshop

- A gentle introduction to the CCR technology
- Teaching demonstration and reflection on CCR‐oriented lessons
- Designing a CCR‐oriented lesson, presentation, and reflection
- Discussion on Strengths, challenges, and limitation of CCR
*CCR was demonstrated to be used synchronously and complementarily to the traditional face to face inquiry based instruction.

An gentle introduction to CCR

CCR‐enhanced inquiry teaching

Design a CCR‐oriented lesson and implementation plan